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Would you try to take this course today to see world history the way I do, in a way that liberates me from the frustrating limitations I learned in school and places me in a world with a deep sense of where I come from and what my purpose today is?

My total dissatisfaction with the main stream version of history many of us are given started in anthropology class when I was a student in college. As the professor told us how there was a “missing link” that no one had found which connected apes to us, I saw what appeared to be an obvious lie on the degree of “the world is still flat.” That just made no logical sense. The more the professor lectured, the more I wanted to find a source with better information. I was looking for a source that could see beyond the world being flat.

Years later I found this in the shows on the history channel. My favorite is Ancient Aliens with the idea being that aliens have been visiting earth for a long time and they never stopped. In fact, according to our DNA, we very likely are not from this planet at all. We are the aliens.

The best evidence I have seen of this is is what happens with our body’s circadian rhythm in space. Our circadian rhythm on earth is synced up with a 24 hour earth day where our bodily functions such as sleep become aligned with the hours in each day available to us on this planet. What happens in space? Human bodies in space go out of sync with an earth day circadian rhythm and they go in sync with a 24 hour and 40 minute day. This small fact might seem insignificant until you learn that a day on Mars is the exact same length. Why would our bodies as soon as they leave earth sync up to a day on Mars? Why does my skin act like it is from a place where the sun does not shine as bright? If this body was from this planet, there is no way it would sunburn so easily. On Mars, the sunlight is much less intense. Why is there evidence on Mars that some type of super-weapon was used on the surface of the planet? Why do crop circles appear all over the planet with consistency over hundreds if not thousands of years? They all cannot be hoaxes. The same with UFO sightings. With hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings around the planet, including many sightings from trustworthy and experienced sources such as airline pilots and law enforcement, every single one cannot be wrong.

If hundreds of years ago when the main stream theory was that the world was flat, it just took one sailor going around the world to provide proof the world was in fact round. Our place in the universe has been lost for a long time and we are just getting ready to get it back! We are nearly ready to be restored to our rightful place in the universe with the knowledge that we have never been alone and we are part of something bigger the way an ant hill is part of a forest, continent, and solar system. The key is you have to discover this for yourself the way I have and so does every other person on this planet.

Would you join me in discovering this for yourself today by taking this course?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the course!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Trusting the government for some things but not others
  • Who are we really?
  • A big motivation for my work
  • One giant leap into world history
  • Why are humans so poorly adapted for this planet compared to other animals?
  • Where did we really get all this advanced technology from?
  • Why are there so many men in black stories near UFO sightings?
  • How did we decide what to value?
  • Unidentified Flying Objects
  • Air force and airline pilot UFO sightings are very common and kept quiet
  • A strange UFO crash in Pennsylvania
  • UFOs are very common near the water and are then called USOs
  • Why are there pyramids everywhere?
  • The technology used to build the pyramids is amazing!
  • Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica
  • What makes Star Wars so amazing?
  • Why do crop circles appear around the globe overnight?
  • What is going on with cows?

Course Content


  • Welcome to World History Reloaded!
  • Executive Summary

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Chapter 02

Chapter 03

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Chapter 08


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