The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course!

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About Course

Thank you for learning more about my Facebook advertising and marketing course. This is a huge course and I’m honored you’re here with me, Jerry Banfield, to learn everything you want to about Facebook ads and marketing. I’ve designed this course so that you get everything you need all in one.

So, you’ll want to start as soon as you go through this lecture and take a look at the names of each section. The sections will give you an idea of what the lectures are in that section. So for example, if you’re looking for local tips on running a page, then go straight to the local section. If you want tips on making ads for free offers or for sales or low cost likes, then there’s all different sections showing exactly how to do.

I want you to get the most value out of this course right away. I know when I take a course, I want to know exactly where I should go. So if you don’t know exactly what you need and you want to learn more generally, just go through one lecture at a time. And in the second section, you’ll get a lot of power tips overall explaining several different strategies.

That work really good, right? In the beginning of the course, from there, you can decide exactly what you want to learn more about next.

I’m honored you’re here and you are giving me the chance to serve you as your instructor in this course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Facebook marketing!
  • The best practices that work for me with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing.
  • Work most effectively in the power editor to split test targeting and creatives.
  • Facebook page like ads for both $0.01 global likes and $0.13 targeted USA likes.
  • Facebook ads for a guaranteed win using a YouTube video post conversion ad.
  • Facebook audiences. How to create and use audiences in Facebook ads.
  • Retargeting ads on Facebook using custom audiences and a pixel on your website.
  • Facebook marketing fundamentals from creating a page to making great posts.
  • Facebook business manager introduction and setup.
  • Boosted post ads for a free offer maximizing engagement, clicks, + conversions.
  • Getting traffic and conversions to your website.

Course Content

Introduction to Facebook Marketing!

  • Thank You for Taking this Course!
  • What you can do to maximize the usefulness of this course.

Principles That will Guarantee Your Success on Facebook

Best Practices with Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing

Work Effectively in the Power Editor to Split Test Targeting and Creatives

Facebook Page Like Ads for Both $0.01 Global and $0.13 Targeted USA Likes

Facebook Ads for a Guaranteed Win Using a YouTube Video Post Ad

Facebook Audiences. How to Create and Use Audiences in Facebook Ads

Retargeting Ads on Facebook Using Custom Audiences and a Pixel

Local Business Success on Facebook with Ideas and Case Studies

$0.00 CPC Facebook Page Post Engagement Ads with Videos

$0.00 USA Facebook Ads for Post Engagement, Video Views + Conversions

Facebook Marketing Fundamentals from Creating a Page to Great Posts

Facebook Business Manager Introduction and Setup

Boosted Post Ads for a Free Offer Maximizing Engagement and Clicks

Boosted Post for a Paid Offer with Ads Manager + Power Editor Clicks

Power Editor Website Conversion Post Ads Creation

Getting Traffic and Conversions to Your Website

Questions and Bonus Materials

Bonus Material : Retired Lectures Replaced by New Lectures

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