POLAC Past Questions and Answers | Nigeria Police Academy

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POLAC Past Questions and Answers | Nigeria Police Academy

About Course

The Nigeria Police Academy was established in the early 80s when the Nigerian government asked the British government to make available to Nigeria in 1981, some united Kingdom Police officers to evaluate the Nigeria Police’s training needs.

A team of three British Police officers led by M.A., in response to this appeal. The British Government sent H Pacy (Assistant Chief Constable, Hamberside Police), to Nigeria. In 1982 the team submitted their report known as the pacy report. The report was officially published as the Federal Republic, of Nigeria’s white paper on the Nigeria Police Force’s future training needs. A follow-up of the pacy report’s findings led to Nigeria Police’s search for the best training orientation.

Download the latest version of POLAC past questions for the academic year. The Nigeria Police Academy past questions and answers has been provided for candidates who wish to study in the Nigeria Police Academy.

The POLAC past questions and Answers can be download on this page with just one click in less than a minute. All you have to do is to enroll in order to download your past questions and answers in PDF format.


The POLAC past questions is highly necessary for students who have applied for admission into the Nigeria Police Academy. Students who get this material will get to know how they set their questions. Most times, they do repeat questions so student will have an advantage of scoring high during the examination.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Enhance your understanding of the job-specific knowledge required for the role.
  • Recognize common interview question patterns and formats.
  • Refine your time management skills for interviews to ensure you stay within the allotted time.
  • Develop strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities to handle interview scenarios effectively.
  • Improve your communication and articulation skills to convey your qualifications and experiences clearly.
  • Master researching the company and industry to impress interviewers with your knowledge.
  • Learn effective interview preparation strategies employed by successful candidates.
  • Identify and avoid typical interview mistakes to present yourself in the best light.
  • Familiarize yourself with recommended resources or materials for interview preparation.
  • Understand the interview format, structure, and any specific instructions or assessments.
  • Explore scoring criteria or evaluation methods if available to gauge your performance.
  • Boost your confidence by practicing with past questions and answers.

Course Content

POLAC Past Questions and Answers | Nigeria Police Academy

  • POLAC Past Questions and Answers | Nigeria Police Academy

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