Master of Google AdWords

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About Course

Will you see how to get the best results with Google AdWords and learn how to avoid the mistakes I made by taking this course? A lot of people assume that Google Ads is complicated to learn and use, but through this course, you will realize how simple you can comfortably apply and use the techniques from this course. Let me show you how fun, simple and easy it is to create ads on Google Ads.

What Will You Learn?

  • Join me on a journey starting from a new AdWords account to an amazing ROI!
  • Conversions are critical for success!
  • Combine with Google analytics for remarketing
  • Creating my first campaign in my new Google AdWords account
  • Display network campaign creation
  • Review initial results, improving landing pages, and copying ads.
  • First conversions tracked!
  • Competitive keywords and giant opportunities
  • Scaling up
  • Ongoing challenges with conversions and approval
  • First positive ROI!
  • Optimizing the budget and bidding
  • Beginning Remarketing with Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • Display network ads with remarketing
  • Google AdWords for video which is YouTube advertising

Course Content

Let Us Start from a New AdWords Account to An Amazing ROI!

  • Basic Google AdWords terms such as CTR, Impressions, CPC
  • Google AdWords campaign settings, bids, and locations.
  • Types of Keywords and Keyword Quality Score in Google AdWords
  • A trustworthy landing page is critical for conversions and high score.
  • Making a Great Campaign with Little Effort

Start from 0 with Me in Faith!

Conversions Are Critical for Success!

Combine with Google Analytics for Remarketing

Creating My First Campaign in My New Google AdWords Account

Display Network Campaign Creation

Review Initial Results, Improving Landing Pages, and Copying Ads

First Conversions Tracked!

After 5 Days, I Am Optimizing Google AdWords Campaigns

Competitive Keywords and Giant Opportunities

11 Scaling Up

Ongoing Challenges with Conversions and Approval

First Positive ROI!

Optimizing the Budget and Bidding

Beginning Remarketing with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Display Network Ads with Remarketing

Google AdWords for Video Which is YouTube Advertising

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