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Would you like a complete Steemit video course showing how to get started? Enjoy 3+ hours of HD tutorials featuring everything needed to make a strong start on Steemit.

Hopefully this course will be very helpful for use in getting friends to sign up, learning how to buy and sell Steem/SBD, and making it feel easy to get started here!

Steem is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of others which is made and managed by users online instead of banks and governments.

Steemit is the social media platform powered by Steem where it literally pays to upvote posts, submit a story, and write a comment!

As bloggers, artists, video producers, musicians, social media enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs we have the opportunity of a lifetime today to be one of the first users on Steemit which may become so popular that it will be the top network of choice instead of Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or any other website not giving us anything in return for our time and energy!

When we realize that our posts, comments, and shares are worth a lot of money AND we have the opportunity to actually get paid that income on Steemit, the choice is obvious to leave behind all other social networks and go where we are given the most back in exchange for our curation and creation on social media! We choose to post pictures on Steemit instead of Instagram because when our friends upvote them we make a little bit of cash or maybe a lot sometimes! We choose to invite our friends from Facebook to upvote our posts on Steemit and return the favor because we enjoy helping our friends get paid for creating what we love reading. We choose to post short updates as comments on Steemit instead of Twitter because we can often make $1 or more just for a comment!

With the potential for Steemit so high, the question is where do we quickly learn the basics all in one place?

Would you take this video course to join us in knowing exactly how to give the very best to the Steemit community and how to get the highest return on the time you invest in getting started and growing on Steemit?

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What Will You Learn?

  • What is Steem?
  • What is crypto?
  • Getting started with Steem
  • Where to buy or sell Steem?
  • Posting on Steemit
  • Crowdfunding on Steemit
  • Rewards & SBD Market
  • Upvoting

Course Content


  • Earn Steem with Steemit Course Intro
  • #1 New Social Media and Blogging Website? Steemit!

What is Steem? What is Crypto?

Getting Started with Steem

Where to Buy or Sell Steem?

Posting on Steemit

Crowdfunding on Steemit

Rewards & SBD Market

Upvoting & Conclusion

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