Be Employed for Life Doing Work You Love!

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About Course

Will you take this course to learn how we become employed doing work we love for the rest of our lives?

What Will You Learn?

  • Be employed for life doing work we love!
  • My employment history. How did we get here today?
  • Starting my own business allows me to work full time from home at a big loss initially!
  • Taking inventory helps us discover our most valuable skills, potential new areas for success, and opportunities to stop wasting time!
  • Thinking in relationships makes staying employed simple.
  • Get discovered by amazing employers instead of competing to get boring jobs!
  • What is the greatest gift we have to offer the world today?

Course Content

Be Employed for Life Doing Work You Love!

  • Welcome to Be Employed!
  • We Start with an Inventory of Our Skills.
  • Relationships Make Staying Employed Easy.
  • Why Hunt for a Job When Employers are Looking for You?
  • Would You Take a Leap of Faith with Me?

My Employment History. How Did We Get Here Today?

Starting My Own Business Allows Me to Work Full Time

The Effects of Inventory on Our Valuable skills and Opportunities

Thinking in Relationships Makes Staying Employed Simple

Get Discovered by Amazing Employers Instead of Searching for Jobs!

What is the Greatest Gift We Have to Offer the World Today?

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