Instructor Content Guidelines

At SkillLearningHub, we are committed to providing a platform for knowledge-sharing that upholds the values of respect, integrity, and inclusivity. Our mission is to empower learners worldwide with a diverse range of educational content, without promoting specific religious values, ensuring a secular and inclusive learning environment. Instructors play a crucial role in shaping this learning ecosystem.

These guidelines are designed to maintain a safe and respectful learning space for all, free from harmful, misleading, or offensive content. Instructors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines when creating and sharing their courses, eBooks, and exams:

  1. No Hate Speech or Discrimination: Don't upload content that promotes hate speech, discrimination, or any form of bigotry.

  2. No Harmful or Dangerous Information: Don't share content that encourages harmful behavior, self-harm, or dangerous activities.

  3. No Infringement on Intellectual Property: Don't use copyrighted materials without proper authorization or use other people's work without giving due credit.

  4. No Misinformation or Deceptive Content: Don't spread false or misleading information that can harm or deceive learners.

  5. No Violation of Privacy: Don't upload content that invades personal privacy, shares sensitive personal information, or encourages such behavior.

  6. No uploading of content already on YouTube or other free platforms: Instructors are advised against uploading digital content to our website if it's available or will be posted on YouTube or any other free social media platform. This ensures our platform offers exclusive content.

  7. No Violence or Graphic Content: Don't share violent, graphic, or explicit content that could be distressing or inappropriate.

  8. No Addition of Pornographic Pictures or Videos: Instructors should not include or promote pornographic pictures or videos in their courses, eBooks, or exams.
  9. No Promotion of Illegal Activities: Don't promote or provide instructions on illegal activities or unethical behavior.

  10. No Inappropriate Language or Content: Avoid using offensive language or creating content that could be considered inappropriate or offensive.

  11. No Health or Medical Misinformation: Don't share health or medical advice without proper qualifications or spread false information about health and wellness.

  12. No Disrespect for Religions or Beliefs: Avoid content that disrespects or belittles any religious beliefs or faiths.

  13. No Promotion of Specific Religious Values: Content should not promote or endorse specific religious values or beliefs.
  14. No Sensitive or Controversial Topics: Be cautious when addressing sensitive or controversial topics to ensure respectful and balanced discussion.

  15. No Personal Attacks or Harassment: Do not engage in personal attacks, bullying, or harassment against any individual or group.

  16. No Promotion of Hate Groups: Don't support or promote any hate groups, extremist ideologies, or dangerous organizations.

  17. No Plagiarism or Cheating: Encourage academic integrity by not sharing content that facilitates plagiarism or cheating in exams or assessments.

  18. No Discrimination Against Any Group: Avoid content that discriminates against any group based on race, gender, religion, or any other characteristic.

  19. No Violation of Ethical Guidelines: Ensure your content complies with ethical standards and doesn't encourage unethical or immoral behavior.

  20. No Courses or eBooks on Love and Sexual Relationships: Given the diverse audience, which includes teenagers and youths, SkillLearningHub prohibits the creation or sharing of content related to love relationships, sexual relationships, or any form of adult-only content. This policy ensures that the platform remains suitable and accessible for learners of all age groups and backgrounds.

  21. A Platform for Knowledge and Skill Development: SkillLearningHub is committed to being a hub for learning skills and knowledge that can positively impact our world. Our aim is to provide a safe and educational environment where parents can trust that their children can access valuable content without being exposed to inappropriate or explicit materials.

By implementing these guidelines, SkillLearningHub reinforces its commitment to maintaining a platform that is free from content that could be considered unsuitable for younger audiences. This step assures parents and guardians that their children can use the platform for educational purposes with confidence in its appropriateness.

We take the implementation of these guidelines seriously. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that their content complies with these guidelines. While we promote a culture of learning and understanding, failure to comply may result in appropriate actions, including:

  1. Content Review: SkillLearningHub may review the content to determine if it violates guidelines.

  2. Content Removal: Inappropriate content may be removed from the platform.

  3. Temporary Restrictions: Instructors may face temporary restrictions on content creation.

  4. Account Suspension: Repeated violations may lead to account suspension.

Our aim is to maintain a positive and respectful educational environment where learners from diverse backgrounds can thrive. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding these standards.

Thank you for being a valued member of SkillLearningHub and for contributing to our mission of knowledge-sharing and lifelong learning.

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