My Google AdWords Story

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About Course

How did I go from wasting thousands on Google AdWords and getting my account suspended to spending $500+ daily on ads for my online?

What Will You Learn?

  • I wasted no time trying Google AdWords after starting my business.
  • I tried to use Google AdWords to get traffic for Google AdSense.
  • I was sure I could use Google AdWords to sell $5 t-shirts for $10.
  • I spent thousands of dollars not selling any t-shirts with Google AdWords.
  • My first profitable Google AdWords campaign gets a $1,000 client.
  • Within a month of making my first great campaign, my account is suspended.
  • With my account suspended, I offer to help manage ads for clients!
  • Out of frustration with Google AdWords, I learn Facebook ads.
  • Starting over with a new business on Google AdWords express.
  • A miracle begins with doing YouTube video tutorials and ads!
  • Google AdWords specialist helps me advertise my new Udemy course on Facebook ads.

Course Content

Let Me Tell You a Story!

  • I Wasted No Time Trying Google AdWords After Starting My Business
  • I Tried to Use Google AdWords to Get Traffic for Google AdSense
  • I was Sure I Could Use Google AdWords to Sell $5 T-Shirts for $10
  • I Spent Thousands of USD Not Selling Any T-Shirts with Google AdWords

First Profitable Google AdWords Campaign Gets My Account Suspended!

Starting Over with a New Business on Google AdWords Express

A Miracle Begins with Doing YouTube Video Tutorials and Ads!

Google AdWords Specialist Helps Me Advertise My New Udemy Course

Motivation to Make The Complete Google AdWords Course!

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