My 4 Hour Workday

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About Course

Would you like to see how I work less and get more done with my 4 hour workday?

What Will You Learn?

  • What the 4 hour workday is
  • From time equals money to doing the right work equals money
  • With time is money I made $20 per hour at most on average.
  • With doing the right work I make over $1,000 per hour of work.
  • How do you know what the right work is to do?
  • My workflow with tracking the progress I make each day with Microsoft Excel.
  • Only 4 hours to work forces me to look carefully at what I am doing.
  • The 4 hour workday is one I practice 7 days per week.
  • Perfectionism cannot stand up to limited amounts of time to work
  • Having less time to work forces me to face my limitations and work with others.
  • A balance life full of every joy is the reward of working 4 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Overcoming obstacles to starting and using the 4 hour workday.
  • How am I practicing the 4 hour workday a year later?
  • Pricing for services with the 4 hour workday
  • Little improvements every day add up to a lot fast

Course Content

Ending the Idea That Working More Equals Better

  • Thank You for Starting This Course!
  • What is the 4 Hour Workday?
  • From Time Equals Money to Doing the Right Work Equals Money
  • With Time is Money I Made $20 Per Hour at Most on Average

Doing the Right Work is Worth A LOT!

Working Just 4 Hours Inspires Focusing on What is Most Important

A Balance Life Full of Every Joy is the Reward

Overcoming Obstacles to Starting and Using the 4 Hour Workday

Follow Up a Year After Creating the Original Course in 4 Hours!

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