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About Course

How do 2+ million viewers see what I create for free each month on Google and YouTube? Discover what works to master SEO in this course!

What Will You Learn?

  • Become a Master of Search Engine Optimization and inbound marketing today
  • Transcending keywords and link building with a mindset of serving viewers and solving problems.
  • How I get 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube without keyword research or link building.
  • How To Get 1,000 Clicks A Day From Google Organic Search
  • Top 25 SEO Tips for 2020!
  • Worst SEO strategies I have confirmed are terrible.
  • Planning for SEO and inbound marketing BEFORE creating!
  • Aiming for lifetime connections.
  • Simple tips to rank higher in Google!
  • Scalable web host makes viral growth possible and high ranking easier.
  • Email marketing helps build relationships and links naturally.
  • WordPress Plugin Setup + Best Dashboard Performance Settings
  • HTTPS is included as a ranking factor in Google.
  • Where to start? Fix and improve what we see!
  • Google analytics for understanding what is working!
  • Google analytics introduction for beginners.
  • Google analytics admin dashboard for account and property creation plus AdWords linking.
  • Google webmaster tools to understand organic search traffic and keywords!
  • And lots more!

Course Content

The Master of SEO Mindset for 10x Traffic!

  • Become a Master of SEO and Inbound Marketing
  • Transcending Keywords and Link Building
  • Getting 2.5+ Million Impressions a Month on Google and YouTube
  • How To Get 1,000 Clicks A Day From Google Organic Search
  • Top 25 SEO Tips for 2020!
  • Worst SEO Strategies I Have Confirmed Are Terrible

Planning for SEO and Inbound Marketing BEFORE Creating!

Simple Tips to Rank Higher in Google!

Google Analytics for Understanding What is Working!

Google Webmaster Tools to Understand Organic Search Traffic, Keywords!

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