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About Course

In this course, we will show you the basics and the most critical parts of what we’ve learned is important for business finance. You don’t need to keep strict books with accounting methods on everything you’re doing.

All you need to do is relentlessly focus on creating more value, which will in turn continue to bring more income.

This is a fresh perspective on business finance that keeps it simple and gives you one clear thing to do, and that’s make more value for the world, which will translate into more income.

What Will You Learn?

  • A shortcut to finding where you can cut your time spent trying to prevent loss
  • Accept small losses and you will have time for bigger gains
  • Debt has allowed me to build great income and debt can be a big burden
  • How can you focus on growing income first?
  • Notice what you are focusing on
  • The one thing you need to do to be successful with your finances
  • Buying a new computer to make videos faster versus buying a new gaming computer
  • Jerry's financial background shows a profound change in how to look at money
  • Making money versus saving and cutting expenses
  • Spending money for things versus to build assets
  • The difference between most investors and great investors
  • Validate your spending money to make money before investing bigger

Course Content

Business Finance Tips!

  • What is This Course About?
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Finding Where You Can Cut Your Time Spent Trying to Prevent Loss
  • Accept Small Losses and You Will Have Time for Bigger Gains
  • Debt Has Allowed Me to Build Great Income
  • How Can You Focus on Growing Income First?
  • Life Always Costs More Than You Think it Does
  • What You Need to Do to Be Successful with Your Finances
  • A New Computer Vs. a New Gaming Computer to Make Videos Faster
  • Jerry’s Financial Background Shows a Profound Change About Money
  • Making Money Versus Saving and Cutting Expenses
  • Spending Money for Things Versus to Build Assets
  • Accepting a Loss Separates Great Investors from Other Investors
  • Validate Your Spending Money to Make Money Before Investing Bigger
  • Spending Money to Make Money Versus Just Spending – The Difference

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