Build a Google Docs Clone with Flutter and Mongodb

By Rahul Agarwal Categories: Mobile Apps
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About Course

Are you ready to take your app development skills to new heights? Join us on an exciting journey as this course will guide you through building a Google Docs Clone, a cutting-edge app that enables real-time collaboration and document sharing.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll dive deep into the world of Flutter, the revolutionary framework for building beautiful and responsive user interfaces. With Flutter as our frontend, you’ll learn how to create stunning and dynamic app screens that captivate users and provide an exceptional user experience. But we don’t stop there. We’ll delve into the power of Node js and MongoDB, creating a robust backend that seamlessly handles user authentication, data storage and real-time updates. We will learn to harness the potential of Google Sign In functionality to provide secure and convenient access to your app, and leverage Socket IO to enable users to collaborate in real-time.

State persistence is crucial for any app, and we’ll equip you with the knowledge to implement token-based authentication and store them efficiently using Shared Preferences. Managing app state is a breeze with Riverpod, a state management solution that provides scalability and maintainability. You’ll gain full control over your app’s state, allowing for easy expansion and future-proofing.

Upon completing this course, you’ll have all the skills necessary to develop cross platform applications with build custom backend. That means no more relying on Firebase all the time.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of Flutter and Node js development.
  • Implement Google Sign-In functionality for user authentication.
  • Utilize Socket IO to enable real-time collaboration in your app.
  • Store and retrieve data using MongoDB, a NoSQL database.
  • Implement state persistence using JsonWebToken and Shared Preferences.
  • Utilize the Riverpod state management solution for a scalable and maintainable codebase.

Course Content

Flutter Configuration

  • Start Here!
  • Create a New Project
  • Design Login Screen
  • Download the Code

Setup Google OAuth

Configure Nodejs Project

Implement Authentication

Work on Document Screen

Socket IO Integration

Earn a certificate

Add this certificate to your resume to demonstrate your skills & to boost your expertise gained.

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